What is the application process?

Our enrollment period starts on October 15th.  You can enroll your son(s) from the “Registration” menu here on this website.

We will save spots for returning campers until December 1st.  Spaces for returning campers cannot be guaranteed after that date.

New families may apply at any point during the enrollment period, and will be informed of their application status (accepted or wait-listed) by December 15th.

We strongly encourage older campers to attend the full seven-week session.  Any half-season applications received from 14 or 15 year-old campers will be held until later in December, and then will only be considered if we still have space in that age group.

Many spaces do become available off the waiting list throughout the winter and spring.

How much does a session cost?

  • 2024 Half Session: $6,150
  • 2024 Full Session:  $10,600
  • 2024 CIT Program: $7,150

Is there a short intro session for new boys?

Because of the tremendous growth in independence and confidence we see in our campers over the course of three and a half weeks, we feel strongly about not shortening our sessions.  A big part of the value of Deerwood comes from joining a community of campers and counselors, making friends, pitching in with camp chores and learning to live in a group.  Some campers jump right in and off they go.  Others can take more time to adjust, but once they make a new friend or gain confidence in a new activity, their pride and excitement are palpable.   We don’t offer shorter sessions for that reason.  Three and a half weeks might seem like a long time for new parents, but all our campers remark that they can’t believe how fast a half session (or even a full session) goes.  We want to make sure there is enough time for new campers to get comfortable with the new surroundings, learn and master new skills, gain confidence and independence, and make lasting friendships.

Will there be many new campers in my son’s cabin?

All of our 8 year-olds and many of our 9 and 10 year-olds are new to Deerwood.  There is still a healthy number of new boys at age 11, and because there are fewer new campers in the older cabins, we try to group them together as much as possible.

What if a health issue arises?

Deerwood has a registered nurse on campus at all times.  Minor first aid is handled at the infirmary, where one of our nurses live.  A local health center and its team of MDs and PAs coordinates our medical care and provides standing orders and appointments when trips to town are necessary.  Additionally, we are just 15 minutes away from Speare Memorial in Plymouth, a top regional hospital.

How do the overnight trips work?

All campers have a chance to go on overnight trips away from camp – once per session.  The younger campers travel with their cabins for trips ranging from 2 to 3 days.  Older campers have a choice between mountain and canoe trips.  Those trips are 3 to 4 days long.

Is there a camp uniform?

The camp uniform consists of a blue “D”-shirt ($14) and any tan or khaki pants, usually shorts.  The uniform is worn on Sunday mornings and special events.  Typically, campers only need 2 sets of this uniform.

Can I call my son at camp?

After the first week of camp, you are welcome to call during meal times on 603-279-4237, which rings at the main lodge and at the dining hall.  Some parents don’t call at all and some call just once a session. Please try to limit calls to five minutes per call and one time per week max, so other families have the same chance.